Thursday, March 16, 2006

Babies & Broadway

A few weeks ago, my worst nightmare came true, Broadway called me in to DANCE for an audition. Let’s be clear here…I don’t dance. I am a singer who moves well…but I am not a dancer. I was terrified, and so disappointed because this was a big break for me, and I was unprepared. I had 24 hours to get ready, and I should have been getting ready for the past 24 years.

I decided I would WOW ‘em with my outfit. I went to the dance store in Manhattan and pounced on a young man who looked like he knew what he was doing: Ok, he looked gay. Turns out, he was going to the same audition as me, and he gave me lots of good advice about how NOT to look like a clueless singer. I threw up all my nervous energy on him, and he walked me through basic decisions from which shoes, to what tights, to what color leotard. We decided on a blue (for my eyes)low cut one: work that sexy back …maybe that will distract them from the dance moves.

He was kind of surprised at my nervousness and naïveté, but I explained that I had been busy having babies lately and not really in the groove of a dance audition for a Broadway show. I was worried that my inner-thighs might still be a little incapacitated from the pushing that occurred 9 months earlier.

Anyway, we parted ways to do some changing and trying-on and ended up at the checkout counter together. I said something about Good Luck (I never say break a leg), and that I hoped he did really well and got the part and that it was cool that he was called in (he was just starting out), and he said: “It’s really cool that you have a family.” WOW. He helped me not only with my dumb outfit that day, but also with my perspective.

That night I went home and two crazy girls sat at the dinner table/high chair eating their food and watching me model my new dancewear and try some “moves”. To see the excitement in their eyes and how they looked up to me was amazing. Pukey said: “You look good mom; you look good for the audition.” I am so lucky to have two little best friends, and that they can already make me feel good about myself, whether I stumble, I mean dance, I mean MOVE my way onto Broadway or not.

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