Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Another Mom Bites the Dust

The last job I had while pregnant was on March 9, 2005. It was an appearance on the CBS Early Show. It was a CHIC on a SHOESTRING segment where pregnant models came out wearing similar looks and the hosts were to guess who had on the splurge and who had on the steal. There were 6 of us. 3 due in May, 3 due in March. 3 having their second, 3 having their first. 3 not married, 3 married. And one ballerina among us.

Our call time was 5:40 am. We were fitted, had hair and makeup done, and then a quick rehearsal which consisted of basically standing and looking at the runway. I made this comment out loud: "Watch me fall."

Cut to taping time, and the first two groups went out, and then my partner and I were up. My partner took one step onto the platform and bit the dust. I didn't know what to do...the show had to go on, and I was huge pregnant, and could not bend over to help her up. I just left her laying there, and I think I might have stepped over her. I felt so terrible. The weather man quickly helped her up and we carried on. I was so flustered though that I was making goofy looks and trying to interact with the hosts because I was so embarrassed for both of us. I didn’t even try a good camera angle-I never even identified the camera in the room!

My reaction was quite hilarious to me and another model there who I had become friends with throughout the various jobs we had been booked on. After the taping, she was making fun of my reaction to the situation because I couldn't pull it together, and I wasn't even the one that fell down. The two of us could not get over it. Later that day we ended up at the same audition and were still talking about it, but making fun of ME, not the girl that fell, who by the way had shoes on that were 2 sizes too small...no wonder she fell. All of a sudden we hear this voice: "Ummm...I am right here" from the model that fell. We made it clear that we were making fun of the dufus that stepped right over her and didn't even help...yes that would be me. To see the video, click here to watch it on the Early Show website.

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