Monday, May 15, 2006

The Artist's Way

After I had Baby #2 (Poopy), I was so worried about losing my "career" which basically represents all of my creativity. After hearing about this program many times over the years, I decided to participate in The Artist's Way. It is a twelve-week program to wake up or rejuvenate or repair the damage to your creativity. At first I thought that I had damaged my creativity simply by inviting children into my life, but it turns out that birthing is the ultimate creation and has actually empowered my creativity.

The program took discipline...especially with a newborn, and I confess there were a few parts that I just couldn't accomplish, but on the whole, the entire experience was a positive one. Don't be scared by the title, you don't have to be an "artist" to benefit. The point made over and over again that resonated the most is that art is a gift from God, and it is ok to align your creativity with the Creator.

Cut to a year after I have finished the program, and I am finally healed. I am in that creative place that I have been searching for for about 3 years. I had been doing really well with my "career" but got distracted by running my business (Brand Kristy Glass as chloe likes to call me). And I had to get back to basics. For me this meant stripping away the modeling, commercial-acting, auditioning, accounts receivables, and schlepping and reexamining how I got to this place to begin with. It all started with a voice. I have been a singer since I can remember, and strangely enough, that is why I am the Playtex Beyond girl today.

But Tampons are not cutting it now. I am demanding more of myself, and my Creator is too. I must sing. Broadway don't want me. Their loss. But I have a voice to share. One night DH had an inspiration and that was for me to record an album. Carrie had tried to talk me into it a while back, but it just wasn't time. The time is now. And this is how I know. Since I began to work on my album, the adversity has kicked in full force (allergies I have not seen like this in a decade, people saying NO, bed bugs, ER visits, lost my keys...the list goes on). Also since I started working on my album, my creative soul is open. All of a sudden I want to learn to sew, take ballet class, make a homemade birthday present for my daughter's 3-year-old friend, read good books, bake, and SING.

Everything is aligning. This is what the program talked about. And it makes me so happy, even amongst all the crazy stuff that comes with trying to do good in the world. I am thrilled.

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