Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I had a marathon day today. This morning I had 2 go-sees. One for HP and one for Sheraton Hotels. I treated myself to a sitter so that I had less schlepp then normal. I came home and spent an hour with my girls before we had to jet for 2 more go-sees. One was for my 4-year-old for American Baby, and the other one was for me.

I went to sign in for my 3rd go-see of the day and the man ahead of me was confused by something...he asked: "Is this for Twix?" "No," the casting guy said "Twinrix."

Let me just tell you the difference. Twix is a candy bar. Twinrix is a vaccine for Hepatitis C. My agents called and said: "We would like you to go to a casting for print material for a Hep-C Vaccine. You will be portrayed as someone who has contracted Hep-C through promiscuous activity." When they told me how much I would get and that the distribution was limited to the poor souls with Hep-C, I was totally ok with that. I was also surprised that I look like one who might engage in promiscuous activity, but I trust my agents.

So in I walk with my young mom self and my two little pure angel kids, and I sign right in and try my hardest to look like a victim of Hep-C. I read the break down and it turns out that the girl model they wanted hadn't NECESSARILY engaged in promiscuous activities, (what a relief) and the photo they had as a mock-up looked frighteningly like me...so maybe I do have the face for it.

Right after we had finished our "work" for the day, we decided to treat ourselves to a ride on the Times Square, Toys R Us Ferris Wheel. We walked by one of the 8 million electronic billboards and both my 4-year-old and I were struck by the same thing (which is so often the case it's scary...we will both be just staring into space at the same thing). It was a Reuters Billboard with a photograph of a beach scene and a someone in a giant condom suit with a happy face on it...only I thought it looked like a banana. I knew it was a condom because of the text that followed:
_Promoting Safe Sex?
_Promoting Promiscuity?
So this made me think...what does a banana have to....OH Wait a minute, I know what that was...and then all of a sudden my daughter said: "Look mom! It's a man dressed as a banana." And I of course said: "Yes, it is".

I want to write Reuters and ask them to add a third choice: _Promoting Potassium. At the end of the day I am really glad that I am neither infected with Hep-C nor promiscuous...but I'll play it on tv! : )


Rachel H said...

Very Funny, yet all wrong too!

marian said...

What is the church's stance on potassium, anyway? I'm all for it personally...

Great post!

chloe said...

He he he. I always saw you as the poster child for pomiscuity anyway. Ok, not really :)

Fun story.

Kage said...

I think like everything else (accept sex), the church says Potassium in moderation.