Tuesday, May 16, 2006

RUNWAY MOMS: The "reality" of reality tv

In case you haven't seen it yet, there is a new series airing on the Discovery Health Channel called Runway Moms. It is a 20-episode series that follows the lives of models in NYC. The difference between these models and most others it that they are expecting or current mothers.

My posse and I were chosen to be one of these model families, and in fact our episode is named such: MODEL FAMILY. Last summer we were followed around town as we went about our business.

For a half hour of television we were taped for about 4 full days. They also used home video footage as well. I guess it takes a whole lot of footage to be made interesting. Having the cameras around was a little weird at first, but you actually quickly get used to it. The field producers help a lot because they put you at ease, and act as if they are more interested in you then probably anyone they have ever met. That's how they gain your trust and get you to spill your guts.

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P.S. The most frequent fan email question: Who cuts your hair? Answer: Frank @ Saloon.

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