Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Unnamed Album

Yesterday I completed my second (of who knows how many) recording sessions for my Christmas Album. We now have the majority of the piano tracks laid down. My friend Adam Fry is playing the piano on the record. O Holy Night took about 2 hours to get just right. I wonder as I wander took about 8 minutes. It has been a surprise to find out which pieces will be tricky and which will be easy. There is one piece that has a bajillion notes in it compared to another that has very few, and I thought the bajillion-note one would take forever and the few-note one just a few minutes, but it was the opposite.

My favorite moment of yesterday was having to take a pause for the local iron workers on Vanderbilt Avenue in Prospect Heights. They needed to make a rather large, rather noisy CUT, and so we had to say CUT on what we were recording. Somehow O Holy Night and a chainsaw don't seem to fit together very well. Since I have only been singing scratch vocals into Adam's ear while he records the piano, it has not mattered these past few sessions that I have had severe bronchitis. But now that I am feeling better, I am looking forward to recording the vocals.

Benny, the engineer and I sit in the basement recording studio while Adam is upstairs on the Grand Piano. I sit in a chair next to this opening from below (pictured above). This is what I have looked at for about 8 hours now, and I find it pretty inspirational.


Rachel H said...

Great Photo kage! I love Christmas music too! My favorite holiday by far! I am one of those freaky people who really COULD have Christmas in July and it would be fine by me. I LOVE decorating for Christmas mostly! And the music, food, ohh and the lights.. welll.. okay I love it all.

Louan said...

Fun blog. Great picture. Thanks for sharing.

chloe said...

That is a gorgeous picture.

Kage said...

Isn't it just so great to meditate on? I sit down there and I just can't help but STARE at it....granted there isn't much else to look at, but I caught myself day dreaming at least twice in our last session. WHOOPS.