Saturday, June 10, 2006

Darby's First Recording

One of the pieces on my album (mechanical-license-obtaining-willing), is Mother, Tell Me a Story. We are recording the second verse of it: "Mother tell me of Jesus and why I came here, tell how He loves me and I will not fear..." My high hopes are to get 4-year-old daughter to succeed at recording the child part for this song.

Of course, at home she sings it so well, and she even sang it REALLY well for my hair guy Frank, today...but we tried our first attempt at recording it last Saturday, and though hilarious, it wasn't GOOD. I am not asking for perfection, just not silly.

As soon as I saw that it wasn't going to happen, I ended it. I decided that we would try again, and hopefully because she had that first experience of singing in a room by herself with headphones on that she could hear her own voice in, then maybe she will be able to handle it better.

The focus for the recording until July is the photography for the album. I have shopped this week, and just got my hair cut and colored today, and the last thing to nail down is a makeup artist, and we are good to go. Then July will be a push to finish the vocals, and more goals abound after that.

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