Thursday, June 22, 2006

Death of a Hand Model

Did you know that people get booked to model specific body parts? You can see some examples here. My baby had a hand modeling job when she was about 3 months old. Isn't that hilarious?

When my children are on set as a model, I so relate to the photographer, art director, stylist, makeup artist, and client wanting to get the job done, so sometimes I forget that I am a mother...and I forget what is in the best interest of my the time she was a hand model...

This job was a nightmare. If it had been my first job with my baby, I might not have pursued it any longer. They had this under-the-bed storage box filled with sand and rocks and water and leaves, to look like a stream. It was on top of a wagon. The shot they needed was a baby’s hand on top of a man’s hand as if the baby was taking a bath in the stream and the man was just sort of cupping her hand. And the baby had to be holding a flower. It was so specific. I was sort of dangling the baby over this box thing…and it was difficult to have the hand in the right position because of the lip of the box. All I could do was position her, then others had to get her to hold the flower in the right position. On top of that, the stylist was using a blow-dryer to blow ripples in the water…which HELLO...Electrocution Hazard!

You would have thought that at that point I would have called a time out and said: Look people, I am dangling my sweet little baby over water and a hair dryer.

I didn’t even think of that until I left! Anyway it was like way too many people trying to get my baby to do what she needed to do-the impossible…and after several trials we were finally released. It was terrible. She was SUCH a great sport.
I was doubtful that they actually go the shot, but I think that this is her hand…she has those same two lines at her wrist.

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chloe said...

That is SO funny. Pretty picture, though!