Monday, June 05, 2006

The difference between 4 and 6, boys and girls

I had a job today! Woo-hoo. It was for a Wet Ones ad. I was playing the teacher, holding hands with a line of kids, who I sure hope used some wet ones before they got on set.

It was three kids at a time in the shot, and it might as well have been 15. It was a little crazy at certain moments....the craziness had me chanting: I don't kow what I've been told.....(I don't know what I've been told)....I'm gonna use Wet Ones when I'm old...(I'm gonna use Wet Ones when I'm old) Huh? Anyway, the wrangler and photo assistants were doing their best to aid the children in following direction, but it was challenging at times.

I noticed that the girls (who were all 6) were VERY good at following directions. In fact the most focused of all the models was modeling for the first time today. I worried she might be holding a little TOO still. But she put her feet on her spot, held my hand and looked at me, just like she was supposed to. The boy in the middle of the two girls, holding hands with both of them, was 4 years old and he kept pulling so hard that the main star hero girl in the front, must have fallen to the ground (hard) a half dozen times...poor kid.

There were 3 total boys and all of them were really loud, very physical, and not really into following directios. They were all 4 years old. I did not know that 2 years could make such a difference, nor that gender played such a role in whether or not you wiggled. It was eye-opening. If I ever give birth to a boy, I am going to need to leave the city immediately and get him a yard...and some Wet Ones.

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marian said...

HA! As the mother of one of those little boys (who did go and get a yard and a hose!!! - forget the wet ones...) I know exactly what you mean!