Monday, June 12, 2006

Digital Camera Delight

My Sugar Daddy TOTALLY came through for me this weekend. I am now equipped with not one, but two new digital cameras. I got the Canon Digital Rebel that I have wanted for YEARS, and a little pocket fujifilm for all those photos that I want to take in the city but just don't have my camera handy.

Needless to write, I am in digital camera heaven. I don't think my husband understands just how amazing these purchases are for me. I am pretty sure that my canon can do WAY more than I will ever use it for, but I am going to try and learn a few techniques as often as I can.

I went to the Astoria park on Saturday to have a (very cold and windy) picnic, and I took photos with both cameras. Above left is the rebel, and above right is the fuji. I am happy with the quality on both, but the rebel is WAY better. And it shoots like an SLR with no lag time in between shots.

I wish I had some sort of formal training about me so that I could take AMAZING pix, but for now my AMAZING camera will have to do...thanks Sugar Dadddy.

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