Friday, June 09, 2006

Digital Camera Depression

Yesterday I felt like I was having a good day. Despite the rain, I was having a nice time with my baby as my older child was in school. The baby even took a little nap in her carrier cuddling against my shoulder which NEVER happens. I was trying to relish our cuddle time as we took the N train into Manhattan. And then the depression kicked in.

I asked myself why I was feeling so down? I am healthy, the CD is making progress, I had two jobs this week, and my kids are doing well. And then I remembered, my digital camera died last week. I of course was devestated when it happened, and even more when I realized I couldn't afford a new one.

I love my camera. It is a fujifilm finepix, and the best feature is that when you press the button to take a picture, it takes it RIGHT THEN. There is no flash delay or other unexplained just takes the picture. I don't have to predict when my baby is going to smile and then when exactly I need to press the button to capture that smile, it just takes what it sees.

It only lasted for 2 1/2 years. Seems short. But, I used it ALL the time. I took so many photos over that time, that really I just want to give my old camera a pat on the back for hanging in there THAT long.

And now I am desperately trying to come up with a plan to get my hands on a new camera before my vacation in just 10 days. I simply cannot leave the state without a camera to capture our adventures..and that is what is tearing me up in side. Sadly I don't think I have time to sell anything on ebay or get a temp job...I am just going to have to figure something out, before I really plummet into the depths of digital camera despair.


TftCarrie said...

Seriously, if J cannot somehow find a way to shift the money arond so your FAMILY can get a new digital camera in the next 2 days, I will seriously doubt his financial skills. Seriously.

This is not just a luxury for you, it is something to capture memories! Come on, it is for the children!

Kage said...

I know I know...preachin' to the choir

ReeSesPcS said...

Hey know our fam, we seem to have any extra thing lying around when it comes to these types of needs. I can ask the ol' Dad if he has one since he tends to "upgrade" before anything is even wrong w/ the first one that was purchased. I'm sure he can loan it to you until you get another one...that is, if you want me to check! No guarantees :)

Kage said...

Thanks Reese, but my DH ended up hooking me up.