Thursday, June 01, 2006

I coulda been...

It's been a slow few weeks. I have had a bunch of auditions, castings, go-sees (whatever you want to call them), and a bunch of callbacks, holds, and requests, and NOTHING has panned out. I am ok with it being slow because every once in a while I need to revive and refresh myself, but it is always a dagger to my heart when I see the job that coulda been mine.

The latest example of this was seeing the cast of Mary Poppins announced. I had the opportunity to do a few rounds for the role of Mary, only to be told I was falling somewhere in between Mary and Mrs. Banks. It's ok, but just seeing the cast, and hearing the advertisements, isn't the best.

And on a much smaller scale, I saw a clip from the Today Show that aired yesterday, of a story about leggings. I have made a few other appearances for this segment on the Today Show, and so I was feeling optimistic about booking it. I watched and the girl who was cast for MY OUTFIT (mini black skirt and white and black striped top) was a girl MUCH taller and skinnier then me named Jennifer. And I want to hate her, but I can't because she is really nice (I know because we did the last segment together).

The next daggers to my heart will be when the new KY Sensual Mist and Special K commercials come out in about a month (I am guessing). I coulda been the KY or Special K girl...but I guess I already am that....KristY.

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