Monday, June 26, 2006

I'm Back

And I'm busy. I booked myself out through today, and my agents are quick to call. Good news is I got a double rate on the WET ONES ad I shot a few weeks ago because I was originally going to be anonymous in the ad, but I guess you can tell who I am in the shot they chose. YEAH.

More good news, baby and I are booked tomorrow (I think it's today now....I am writing so late), for BABIES R US and my older daughter and I are booked for a Jet Blue industrial on Wednesday. We auditioned for that over a month ago, so that was random news. I am also on hold to shoot a book cover on Friday, and I think it might be a romance novel....we shall see.

Anyway, I am home from my trip, and I am already busy, and that's a good thing, but I have no time for substance today! Not that I do most days...


chloe said...

So I've always wondered, what exactly IS an industrial film?

Kage said...

To my best estimation, an industrial film is one used internally within a company for presentations or training etc. But, I could be wrong.