Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Model Mommy Girl

About 6 weeks ago my baby was booked for Parents Magazine. The story was a "clingy baby" story. When they told me this, I gave them a skeptical look because my own baby won't even cuddle with me, how were they going to get her to cuddle with a model playing her mother?

It gets worse. I was talking to the model hired to play her mother, and she told me that she had never worked with babies before. Ha.

It was time to get on set. I gave the model a few ideas on how to get the baby's attention, like whispering in her ear, playing peekaboo etc. She just looked at me like I was speaking Japanese. When I handed the baby over, she held her like a football.

An aside: Just the day before I had to shoot a cover shot (polaroid shown above left) with the baby and she was fighting against me the entire time. I had to hold her and try to look relaxed, despite the fact that I was pressing her against me with all my might. We did this for about 20 minutes and the next day I was sore like I had been bench pressing.

This model was a total wimp...she just could not hold onto the baby. Granted, she hadn't had the perfect weight-training program of lifting a baby all day long with the weight gradually increasing over time, but still, she just couldn't hack it. Combine her inexperience with my baby's total lack of wanting to cuddle....and it spelled disaster.

The photographer and art director gave those two about 4 1/2 minutes on set (polaroid from that shown above center) before they dismissed the model and handed the baby back to me with this comment: "She's very independent." Luckily there was a back-up baby and turns out a back-up mommy...they asked ME to get my hair and makeup on, throw on the other models dress (which by the way had VERY sweaty armpits ~ nasty), and do the shoot with the back-up baby.

It went wonderfully well (see above right) .

The reason I tell this story is because I was booked on a job for Quick and Simple Magazine today, and who is the other model booked with me? Model Mommy Girl! And today she had to model with a puppy. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. I could not stop the laugh track in my head when I heard that. She did pretty good. And after watching her face when the photographer asked to her loosen up, have some fun and maybe jump in the air, I could see that in general she is just uncomfortable. Maybe she should skip the modeling jobs that involve babies, puppies, loosening up and having fun...oh and jumping.

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