Sunday, June 11, 2006

My baby brother

My baby brother is officially an adult now. Well, it actually happened a month ago yesterday, but now he has graduated and decided to go to college and stuff. I cannot believe that he is all grown up. I am so proud of him. He has turned out to be such a wonderful young man.

He is so respectful to women. Poor guy lives with 3 sisters and his mother, and has 2 1/2 nieces, no nephews. He is always surrounded by music and drama and has endless patience for watching his family perform on AND off stage.

He detests conflict. He is the definition of a peacemaker. Well, there were those times that he was trying to push my two younger sis' buttons, but I don't recall him ever out to get me.

He is so observant of the people around him. He doesn't want anyone to feel left out, and he befriends those who might otherwise go friendless. I was his teacher for Sunday School when he was around 7, and there was a boy in our class with some physical and mental handicaps, and even at that tender age, he was so good to him.

He is really stylish. I think that might be our mom's doing, but he always has a great outfit on...looks like he just walked out of a J Crew catalog or something.

He has my hair. Ok...maybe it's just a coincidence, but we sort of have the same haircut...that must be his little tribute to big sis.

He is my only brother and I love him, and I just wanted to write a little something to show that I am so proud of him and when I go home to visit I will truly miss him...and I am aware this has nothing to do with misadventures in NYC...I digress.

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