Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Bless my new friend N-dawg for enduring shopping with me today. I was out to find the PERFECT outfit for my album cover, which is shooting in 2 weeks. Do you know how hard it is to find some wintery magical outfit for your Holiday Album cover in the middle of June?

First tactic: go straight to the sale racks. Unfortunately the sale racks only have the SPRING stuff on sale. The stuff that is currently on the rack-racks is the really skimpy summer stuff. Second tactic: shop online in the sale sections. I found a few great pieces on anthropologie. And on sale at that. Third tactic: beg and borrow (we'll leave the stealing to the crooks).

Using these three tactics I think I have got a little something GOIN' ON. I found the most beautiful Betsey Johnson dress at 50% off. When I tried it on, it was a moment like few others...I knew it was THE ONE. Sad to say, I didn't even feel that way about my wedding dress...but what does a 19-year-old know about planning a wedding?

I got an awesome pair of shoes at Anthropologie online, again for about half off. And I found this random awesome little cropped jacket at the Brass Plum at Nordstrom. The other stroke of genius about today was the it was the day before the half-yearly women sale at nordstrom. So if I had gone shopping tomorrow, maybe I would have gotten some deals, but I doubt I would have spotted diddly-squat around all the hords of women who would potentially be there.

I have some back up plans if this one killer outfit doesn't work...but I am finally breathing a sigh of relief that I might look decent on my album cover.

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