Friday, June 02, 2006

Soho, Downtown, Cool, Edgy, NY style, but wear a dress

Agents are notorious for telling you these specific yet generic adjectives for how to dress for an audition. Lately I have been hearing "New York Style". This drives me crazy because I know it is a bunch of midwestern advertising executives coming up with this phrase, thinking they are all that. And the truth is, to me "New York Style" means anything goes, so I usually just wear jeans and the funkiest t-shirt I can find.

Yesterday I had to be soho, downtown cool, but wear a dress. I had no idea what that meant, so I wore leggings, a short skirt, and a tank and a tee on top with some of those $1.00 chinese slippers you can buy "downtown". When I was getting off the subway I saw a girl and I thought: "Now, THAT is soho, downtown cool and wearing a dress" and I decided that she was probably going to the same casting as me, and sure enough, she was. Other girls filed in and the most common element I saw were metallic sandals (silver or gold) and a sun dress that was fitted on top and looser on the bottom. I definitely didn't have that outfit on, but I took note of it, in the event my agents call and tell me to be "soho, downtown cool with a dress", again.

There was a dress that I was going to wear, and thank goodness I didn't because my baby spilled her milk all over me on the subway. The dress was 100% silk and just wouldn't have looked right, probably ever again. But I had some cotton knit stuff on so the milk just blended right in, and dried pretty quickly. But of course I changed as soon as I could so that I didn't smell like sour milk all day. It reminded me of the time I went to an audition with my first baby. She was 4 months old, and I knew she was a little volatile with her pooping and puking, so I wore my entire outfit inside out on the way to the audition, just in case she got me. And then when I was close to being seen, I switched it all around in the bathroom. See? In New York, you can even wear your clothes inside out, maybe I will do that next time the audition calls for "New York Style"

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