Thursday, June 15, 2006

Subway Striptease

It started with holding on to the pole as a form of independence. Then the spinning started. I had to tell her to watch out for our fellow commuters if the spinning got out of control. Now summer has arrived and along with it the slippery shoes which have aided my 4-year-old daughter in discovering some moves that look vaguely familiar...

I have never been to a strip club, but I have seen the new pole dancing phenomenon exhibited on Oprah and the like. I think it was first invented by Sheila Kelly. And if it wasn't her, I believe she now has the copyright for pole dancing as sport.

I watch my daughter do these new and complicated spins on the subway and instead of worrying for her safety, I wonder where she got the idea...but I think it's just her inventing it...and partly because one day her flip flops slid on the floor and a new "move" was born. She does not look sexual when she does it, more athletic, and I am starting to wonder if this pole dancing is a good workout...I will never know though, because I am not brave enough to try it, though there is an intro class tonight for only $40....hmmm...tempting?

I wonder if I should let her continue in her exploration of the subway there harm in it (besides the obvious sudden braking of the train)? Is she getting a workout? Will she someday see a stripper on tv and see those moves and think: "Hey...I thought of that first!" Maybe she can take it to the next level and actually promote it as a striptease, aerobics and commute all in one. I hope not.


Jen said...

Kristy!!! I love your blog! Just what I more blog to read!

I think it is pretty harmless and cute (and a great workout!)...although if she starts getting an audience of dirty old men in your subway car, I would probably reconsider.

Kage said...

good point about the DOM.