Sunday, June 18, 2006

Tiny Dancer

Last night was the ballet recital. And I thought I was totally over ballet but alas I was not. When those little E1 level ballerinas came out (after seeing their potential in the tall, beautiful E10 girls), my heart just broke in two. I cried and laughed so hard and at the same time...something I had never really experienced before. I can laugh so hard that it makes me cry, but this was like both weeping and hysterical laughter all in one. It was such a strange emotion. My husband was just laughing as hard as he ever laughs...and I don't hear that very often, so that was so great. The thing that was so funny is that she was the smallest dancer (I guess she is the youngest by at least 1 year), and she was on the very edge, and sometimes she would just stop dancing and stand there and sing the song she was dancing to so strong, mouth so wide. And we were not the only ones affected, others around us were laughing just as much. I am sure all the girls were doing hilarious things, but we couldn't take our eyes off of our tiny dancer.

When we picked her up the first thing she said was: "I didn't get a trophy" and a tear. I explained that you had to be in ballet for 3 years and have 2 more recitals before you got a trophy, and that 10 o clock was over 3 hours past her bedtime. I told her she could set a goal and maybe earn one. I told her that we had given her the ballet barbie to show how proud we were of her dscipline in going to class and performing.

In the car on the way home she said to the baby's babysitter: "My mom and dad gave me this barbie becuase they are proud of me for going to all my ballet classes...but her shoes don't come off. I am going to get a trophy in 2 more recitals." I guess I better start saving my pennies.

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ReeSesPcS said...

This is cute! Wish we could have been there to participate in some of this good laughter. I'm sure it was funny & cute of course! Is she going to do any part of this in the program? She should!