Monday, June 19, 2006

While I'm Away

Checklist for while I am gone:

~Catch up on posts. I highly recommend Oh My, Oh My Oh Pukasaurs! and Artist Mother.

~Don't forget to catch RUNWAY MOMS on June 21st @ 8 AM and 2 PM, (if you haven't caught it already)

~Start a new book. My two faves: Poisonwood Bible and East of Eden. For a shorter read: Peace like a River and Night.

~Get your haircut, I know a guy... ; )

~Call a friend and make that lunch appointment that you have been meaning to make for a year now (Rob and Megan...I will when I get back I swear).

~Watch a great summer flick: Gone with the Wind or Summer Magic or Chocolat.

~Look up one of your old favorite tv shows from 20 years ago, and watch a rerun. I recently did this with Murder, She Wrote...It was really fun.

~Pick a year from your past and search it on ebay, you will find your memories.

~Cook a meal and eat it for me.

~Buy a baby blanket for that baby in your life that was just born...Ava, yours is coming soon. Oh...and throw in a copy if Eebee's!

~Ya'll come back now ya hear? (June 27th)

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