Friday, June 16, 2006

Who has time for laundry?

This entire week I have been feeling overwhelmed by my impending vacation. Why does a vacation have to be so stressful? For some reason I have it in my head that I need to record at least one vocal track for the album before I leave for one week. As a result, I had scheduled a recording session for Tuesday and Wednesday, only to have them both sabatoged by my commercial agent. And they tried VERY hard to sabatoge my session that is scheduled for today, but I prevailed.

You see, my daughter has a doctor's appointment in the morning to see about a little cough before we go away for the week, and I have my callback for Office Depot around 3:30. I am also supposed to fit in a go-see for Powerguard, and record from noon to 2. So, I think what will end up happening is I will record for 1 hour, drive back home from Brooklyn to Queens, take the subway into Manhattan, see what time it is, and depending on the time hit the Powerguard and then waltz into my callback. Another marathon day, a triborough one at that.

Luckily my friend owes me a babysitting trade, so I won't have to worry about the whole posse coming along for the ride. An interesting note about my Office Depot callback: I told my agent that at the audition the sign specifically said: NO jeans, preferrably khakis...which my agent did not tell me. I asked my agent: "Do you want me to wear khakis to the callback?" Apparently the casting director wants me to wear the EXACT same outfit (jeans, tank and shrug) I wore to the audition. Funny huh? I might have to fudge it a little though, because that day my tank top got pretty stinky, and who has time for laundry?

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