Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Working Girl

Yesterday was busy. It started with my baby having a job for Talbots Holiday Catalog, which is ironic because her big sister had the exact same job with the exact same people in practically the same dress, 3 years ago. That went pretty well, though she wasn't their first choice baby. If first choice baby got a good shot, my baby will not get it.

Then I had three castings: Nicoderm, Exxon and a commercial audition for Office Depot. The first two went pretty well and the Office Depot one I was supposed to wear khakis, (which my agent did not tell me), so I was a little dissappointed. I find that sometimes casting directors have little imagination so it is good to be as specific as they ask you to be, but I alas did not get the memo.

The classic moment of the day was at that audition. There was a watercooler with those little cone cups in a holder. Of course the baby wanted to pull each one out one by one. So, since I wanted to conserve, I tried to remove the entire stack of cups from the holder to save them from baby destruction, only to have EVERY cup (and there were a lot), fall on the ground. Now they were all ruined, good job mom...but they were a nice plaything for the baby. We stacked them, pretended they were a phone, microphone, walkie talkie, hat. We counted them, we threw them. It reminded me of an Eebee Adventure...making a game/learning experience out of an everyday object. It was fun.

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