Saturday, June 17, 2006

Worth it

My husband and I recently attended the dress rehearsal for our 4-year-old daughter's first ballet recital. We both attended with cameras in hand because there is no photography allowed during the actual performance (which is tonight). This is SO smart, because there would be a gajillion cameras and clicks and lights and tripods.

She came on stage in her outfit, the shortest, and I think youngest girl in her class. Hers was the only tutu that stuck out in all directions, making her look even more the runt. While the teachers were adjusting costumes and hair and stage position, she stood in a perfect first position with her hands on her hips. I was impressed at how well she was following that obvious direction.

It was finally time to dance, and they performed their number twice in a row. Both times she mouthed (was probably singing out loud) all the words of the song, and only got about 25 percent of the moves right. I winked at my husband and said: You're looking at a thousand dollars right there. (I was was a little less in total). But really, it was priceless.

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