Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I'm learning more about the power-crisis as I now have my tv AND cable working, and can watch some news. This morning when I was at the gym, the newscasters told me that I could get reimbursed for groceries lost up to $350. I came home and went right to the website. To get the full $350 amount you have to provide proof of loss, which includes cash register tapes, store or credit card receipts, cancelled checks, clean identifying price labels or UPC bar codes from merchandise, and photographs of spoiled items.

Ok. First of all, I do not keep my receipts for groceris, and I never write a check at the grocery store. Secondly, I have groceries in my freezer that were purchased months ago. Third, why on earth in the heat and in the dark would I cut out UPC bar codes on my spoiled food, or take a picture. Even me, the picture queen, would never photograph my spoiled food. Now if I could have captured the smell, I would have sent that straight to the CEO of Con Ed.

So here I am wanting $350. I have no idea what my groceries cost, but even if they were less than that amount, it still cost me a pretty penny to go out for all these meals, and not to mention pain and suffering. My idea is that they should just give everyone free electricity for a few months, or put a credit on our account, but guess what? They have NO way of identifying who had their power out through any computer system. The workers were literally on foot walking the neighborhoods and noting which windows were dark, to identify who needed power back. Isn't that insane?

I wrote the email and first thanked them for restoring power, and then told them how ridiculous it was to expect me to have any proof of loss as stated above and how I expected them to reimburse me for the entire $350. We'll see what happens.

Above is a photo of what all the major avenues look like in Astoria. The live cables are not buried, but rather covered in makeshift wooden boxes, and then have these orange and white gates placed on top of them to keep people from electrocuting themselves. Our neighborhood wasn't beautiful to begin with, and this just adds to its charm.

I have a go-see today and an audition for EPT . What a suprise.


TftCarrie said...

I know what the inside of your refrigerator usually looks like and there was no way you had $350 worth of food in there. :) You better just go after the whole pain and suffering/meals out because that is definitely worth a whole lot more. Yikes!

Brenchley Family said...

you don't actually have to have your reciepts. Just submit the claim. It was all over the news whwen you didn't have power. . . that they will take the calim with not reciepes.
HOWEVER, I must agree with Carrie. . .I don't know HOW you could have had $350 worth of food in there!

Kage said...

brenchley girl, I heard that on the news too, but that is for the 150 amount. I am going for 350 regardless, because I spent WAY more money this month eating out for fresh, hot food and milk, and restoring what I already you gotta add pain and suffering right?
Will my friends stop snooping in my fridge already! Gosh!