Monday, July 31, 2006

Ebay Addict

My heart starts pounding as the clock ticks down and I swoop in on an unsuspecting bidder. I have 9 minutes left on a Disney Princess Cinderella wig and my heart is pounding so hard in my chest I think it might burst...I hit refresh...8 mins... 26 seconds...and first time buyer maryz6363 has no idea what's about to hit her. I refresh again...7 mins. 45 seconds. Should I make my move? No not just yet. Wait Wait...patience....wait for the right second....refresh again...6 mins 54 seconds. Decide now....just how much will I spend? Is Mary online right now doing the same thing? Did she set her oven timer 8 hours ago to go off as a reminder to swoop in for the victory? Has first-time buyer maryz6363 ever set her alarm for 2 AM to play the same game? Is it sane to admit that I have? And oh so sad I am when I lose an item to a last minute bidding war....but oh so happy I am when I made the winner pay oh so much more for that day-of-the-dead dental chair figurine! Refresh. 5 mins. 4 seconds. Still too soon. Concentrate. Don't make any false moves....don't jump the gun. Refresh. Refresh! Refresh!! Pound! Pound! Pound! Be still my heart! I MUST have the wig! I know myladyfuzzy wants me to have it too! It would go to a loving home! Place Bid: $10.00. Confirm! YES! I am the current high bidder at $7.00 Refresh...48 seconds. Refresh 30 seconds....19 seconds, 14 seconds, 11 seconds, 4 seconds, 1 second.....YES! I have WON! I am the winner! Maryz6363 just learned her first ebaying lesson....sucker!


Rachel H said...

Hahahaha! I feel your excitement. For some time now I have had a tiny little secret weapon for my ebay is called, and it will become your new best friend. No more sleepless nights waiting up for the wig. You pay a TEENY fee and they do ALL the work. They will swoosh in and bid in as little time as like 5 seconds before the auction ends, and you snipe that thing away from all those ebay-greenies! It is so great. I have rarely lost an auction since then, only if my high bid was too low. I have bought everything from beads, clothes, hair-bows, to an inflatable "jump-castle" for our playroom! Just be sure you want it because you will win.

chloe said...

Rachel H. this is a fantastic find! Thank you so much for posting your secret - it will be mine now too!