Thursday, July 06, 2006


I am about to collapse. No, I have not been out in the city, running for the bus, chasing my kids around the park, running a bazillion errands. I have just been sitting here at the computer for the past several hours trying to get a cd cover, booklet, back cover, etc. put together. And I am not even the one putting it together, I am just getting it organized for my graphic-designer friends to help me out.

Do not underappreciate those albums in your collection. Have you ever noticed how many WORDS there are? Yes...a ton. And do you know how difficult it is to figure out just which words are required to be there? I hope that there are no word police who are going to scrutinize my album, because that would just put me over the edge.

As for the recording itself, I have 6 tracks laid down and so I am just about half way done. And now the doubts start to creep in. I listen to it and sometimes it jars me like nails on a chalkboard. It is really difficult to listen to yourself. I heard once that Barbra Streisand never listens back. Well I guess she is good enough that she doesn't need to, but it is HARD to listen to yourself...I am telling you. I think I am terrible, that I should not be a singer, why does anyone ever want to hear me sing ...the track plays over and over again, and my husband just thinks I am nuts...but that's nothing new.

I told my mom today that at least the photos turned out nice, maybe my pretty gold dress can fool people into thinking I am good enough to be a singer on her very own album. She thinks I'm nuts too.

I guess all I can do is carry on...but maybe I will carry on tomorrow, right now I need to consume a handful of Hershey's milk chocolate coconut cream filled kisses. Okay, maybe two handfuls, and a rerun of Oprah.

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Brenchley Family said...

i agree with your mom and jason! you are nuts. you sound great. keep on keeping on!
loves and happy thoughts