Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A Letter to my Fans

Most of my "fan" mail is asking me about my haircut, but there have been a few less complimentary critics out there.

On I found the following review of Eebee's Adventures:

"1 of 9 people found the following review helpful:

extremely annoying, September 8, 2005
Reviewer: LMM (New York, NY) - See all my reviews
I had high hopes for the DVD, as we love the AHA classes, but the DVD is really rather strange. The "parent" is wearing false eyelashes! It might be of use to someone who has no ideas about what to do with a baby, but it is very strained and contrived. Worst of all, my daughter was furious that the scene pictured on the box did not appear in the video."

Dear LMM, I am sorry that you were so distracted by my eyelashes that you felt that was a criticism for the entire DVD series. For your information, I was not wearing false eyelashes. I guess you can attribute them to an amazing makeup artist and tube of mascara...or maybe just genetics. For tips on how to get similar looking lashes, you can read some here.

And just FYI, taping this series with these babies was the most natural "acting" I have ever done. I am a mother of two, and I behaved with those babies and that puppet, exactly as I do with my own two children. There was nothing strained or contrived about it.

I am sorry that your daughter is apparently a spoiled brat if she was "furious" about a scene on the box not being in the video. I am assuming you are speaking about the cover photo. Maybe you should tell your daughter that the puppet on the cover was all over the video, and that the bowl with the shaky eggs in it was featured as well. While you're at it, you can explain that cover art for a DVD cannot be captured scenes from the dvd. You can make a game out if it. I am pretty sure that every movie poster/DVD cover is something contrived to "sell" it. You could take all your favorite DVD's and see if you see that exact cover at any time while you watch it on television.

Thank you for at least taking the time to watch it. Any publicity is good publicity. Cheers.

Another time, a viewer of Primetime Live saw my segment of That was the Week that Was, and emailed me the following:

"Please don’t ask me why I feel compelled to write – I can’t explain. I’m just a working Mom who every now and then gets to watch a minute or two of tv. You are clearly a very pretty, extremely talented lady, and I enjoyed your “The week that was” segment on last evening’s PrimeTime Live. However – I have to assume you are a smoker as I was so surprised by how yellow your teeth were! Obviously – whether you smoke or not is completely your business. I just hope you might find a whitening product of some sort that would make it much less noticeable. Unfortunately, I found it distracted me from more fully enjoying your performance.

Like I said – I can NOT explain why I was driven to find your e-mail address and write. I certainly do not want to hurt your feelings. It’s probably because you have such a wonderful voice and project such a nice personality that I’d hate to see something minor like this detract from your overall performance.

Best wishes for great success."

Dear Viewer, I too was extremely distracted by my appearance on Primetime last night. I thought my makeup looked too dark and teeth too yellow. This is a result of extremely poor lighting. I love my lighting guy, and in the past he has done an amazing job, but last night he did not deliver, and this is why everything looked off-kilter.

Thank you for the compliments. I want to assure you that I have never put a cigarette to my lips. I detest cigarette smoke, and would never put that into my body. I HAVE however knocked my two front teeth out, and the crowns that I have in place are not the brightest white, nor will they ever be, because you cannot whiten porcelain. This is usually fixed with VERY good lighting or photoshop (in the case of print ads). Thank you for your concern, but I am smoke free, and I will get on that lighting guy asap. Cheers.

To see a clip from TW3 (not the bad lighting one), click here.

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Julie said...

Ouch. People too easily forget that the person on the other end of the computer screen is a REAL, live person. With feelings, even.

Amber said...

Yikes. I just linked over from DYM and agree with Julie--sometimes folks just don't think things through. Back when I was a journalist, I was always amazed at some of the ignorant feedback I'd receive.

Kage said...

Honestly, my feelings are not hurt by this. I see it as comments from people who do not know the industry ie. don't know about lighting and makeup etc. And obviously I face rejection on a daily basis, so I am pretty ok with it in my old age. But interesting right?