Sunday, July 16, 2006

Lettuce up my nose

Is it bizarre that I do not recall that the lettuce portion of this sandwich was literally up my nose in this photo? Is it more bizarre that I even attempted to eat this giant sandwich? For the record, this was a photo op. When it was over, I took about half of the lettuce, tomato and turkey off the sandwich, and ate the rest. I didn't even touch the other half. I wanted to save room for a giant piece of cheesecake, but my kids were too rowdy, and we ended up eating Mr. Softee in Central Park.

Yes, I actually WENT OUT on Saturday night. My family and I met up with my husband's aunt and uncle at the "famous" Carnegie Deli. I told my friends this plan while at Book Club yesterday afternoon and they all discouraged me from going because the food was bad. I actually thought it was good and fun to boot. And it was the perfect setting for my baby, as by the time we were finished there was more silverware on the floor than on the table, and many many maimed sugar and sugar substitute packages all scattered about.

The Central Park idea was a good one, and the baby was oh so entertaining to watch as she devoured her vanilla cone from bottom to top. Yikes. The girls were pretty good last night despite the late hour. We paid for it a little at church this morning, but now the girls are sleeping soundly.

Last Sunday night I had the chance to direct a small choir of missionaries from my church for a patriotic-themed meeting. They did a really great job singing the Battle Hymn of the Republic. A bunch of them coordinated their outfits by wearing pink ties and blouses. I think it was an ode to my love of pink. Anyway, this evening I am grateful to be done rehearsing with them...I am hoping to do a little bit of relaxing in between visiting teaching, baking cookies and photographing my next installment of THE WAY WE LIVE. I have had to change around my subjects because the family I was going to photograph lives on the fourth floor and their elevator and air conditioner is broken, so I was ok with postponing...maybe until the winter!


TftCarrie said...

I totally like going to Carnegie Deli. It's not just about the food. You have to view it as a complete experience which I think is totally worth it. The ginormous sandwiches, the pickles and all the autographs on the wall. It's almost a parody of itself--a jewish "kosher style" NYC delicatessen. I'm glad you went and had a good time.

chloe said...

I've been to Carnegie's about 5 times and loved it each time. Like Carrie said, it's the WHOLE experience. The waiters make it for me. And the matzo ball soup and pastrami sandwiches - oy, there is nothing better...