Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Professional Arch Hider, or PAH

Those of you who saw the segment, I wish I had moisturized my feet a little more. And I wish the shoes they gave me weren't so scuffed up. I kept telling my feet to "smile". I think they did a good job. Charla was very worried about the high arches of my feet creating a black whole on the insides of my shoes, but I practiced very hard on how to stand so that my arches were concealed. If you missed it, and want to see the Shop Etc. magazine's most comfortable shoe awards, click here.

Today one of the models in the Today Show shoe segment was an older woman, probably in her 60's. It was so great to see a woman who had endured in the business for so long. She was joking that her goal was to get a commercial for osteoporosis.

After the show I took the kids to the beach and then came home to relax. I found out today that I was released from the Homegoods hold, but Nuvaring is still holding on. The same casting director for both of those is seeing me tomorrow for EPT. I am pretty sure that when my agent hears vagina, he thinks: Kristy Glass. I am flattered.

I found a snazzy little website that coincides with the Tide campaign. So far the ad has been spotted in Real Simple and Family Circle. I have seen the Vanilla and Lavender in O magazine as well.

And I need some help...if anybody spots the Hasbro Peek 'n Play Discovery Zone with my picture on it, not this girl, let me know. And if anyone stops by Walmart, ask for Baby & You magazine, and see if it has a cover like the polaroid above. I need a few copies. Thanks.

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