Thursday, July 13, 2006

Project Kageway

In honor of the premiere of Project Runway: Season 3, I would like to report on some Project Kageway items of note. I will begin with the irony of who I met today. Just the DAY after the season premiere of PR3, who do I meet but Robert Plotkin of Season 1. I was waiting for the slowest elevator in the city at about 9:02 AM and I hear voices the entire time getting closer and closer and closer. And when the elevator finally opened, who walked out? Robert. I stopped him and asked if it was him and it was. I then asked if he was sewing or designing upstairs because the location of my shoot today was near the Fashion District. He said no, but his baby was doing a modeling job. What a coincidence...I was wrangling that job.

Anyway, he was very nice and gracious and way cuter in person, especially since he got rid of the long hair. I met his girlfriend and their truly adorable son Maxim. She is a beautiful girl, named Natalia from Russia who looks a little like Heidi Klum.

So, my other "Project" is Halloween Costumes. I ebay-bought my husband's costume (ah the thrill of the auction), and will probably do the same for my older daughter, but I am attempting to "make" mine. (I know it seems early to be thinking about this, but October is a cursed month for me, so I have to start early...I of course will blog about why October is cursed, in October). There will be little sewing involved, but mostly a lot of hunting and gathering. So far I have black thigh-high boots and the red unitard. I will reveal who I will be at a later date. Those of you who spoiling it...everyone else can take a gander.

And that concludes this episode of Project eliminations this week, but watch your back, there may be some in our next installment.

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heather & fiona said...

Love Project Runway and can't believe you worked with Robert...what a cutie. This season looks good. I think i have a soft spot for Vincent, the guy who made the crazy basket hat. He's ridiculous!