Thursday, July 27, 2006

Riding with Mr. Schrute

A few months ago I was riding on the subway. I had my baby in her stroller, sort of faced away from me. This probably means that she was asleep, trying to fall asleep or being entertained by the passengers. Regardless, I was paying no attention to her. It was crowded, the train, and I was looking around observing the passengers. I spotted a very tall man right in front of me, with his back to me, who was built like my husband. I noted that he had on some really nice clothes, and took a mental note for future shopping trips with my DH.

I quickly became lost in thought again, when the guy turned around and did a very deliberate look me up and down and smile. It wasn't creepy, just kind of obvious. I got embarrassed because I NEVER get checked out, especially when I have the kids with me. In my neighborhood it's just full on "hit on". Faves include: some guy helps me parallel park and he leans in my window and says: "Are you in love?" And second fave is me walking down the street VERY pregnant, pushing a stroller and a guy yells: "Do you need a father?" Ha ha very funny.

I digress. I NEVER get checked out like that, so when it does it is a moment. I got kind of embarrassed and resolved to pay less and less attention, until he did it AGAIN. This time I got a good look at his face, and he looked so familiar that I thought: "Maybe I know this guy." Because of my profession, I pay attention to faces on tv, and I see a lot of different faces at auditions. I immediately pegged the recognition on something to do with "the business." Once I recognized a girl on a plane trip and I said to her: "We either audition together a lot, or you are on Law & Order: SVU" She said: "The second one." Woops. She was very nice.

Anyway, I was racking my brain trying to find the file with this guy's face on it, and I continued to look away, but started to listen to his conversation with two other men on the train. He mentioned a trip to new york, "the show" paying for it, the 40-year-old Virgin film...and then it clicked. I knew exactly who had checked me out, and I was suprised b/c he was very well-dressed, had curlyish reddish hair and no glasses...he was actually kind of cute.

Even though I was positive that I had made a positive identity, when he exited the train, I asked the guys he was talking to if it was him, and I was right. Now that I am a big fan of "the office", this story has a special place in my heart.

Oh, and I just followed the link and learned that he is married...tsk tsk.


Cheryl said...

I am so laughing...and how cool is that!?!? I love the Office, but I'm having a hard time imagining his character doing something like that, although I know the actor is seperate from the character...Too funny. And what a compliment for you! I love it when I am unexpectedly "checked out". Very rare for me, that's for sure! I'm sure it happens to you more often than you think (or notice)...

Melissa said...

SO cool. I can't imagine being checked out by someone cooler...maybe Jim from the Office or Preston from "Can't Hardly Wait" him.
Hot mama!