Monday, July 03, 2006


Sore and Harried Mother
Silly and Hyper Mother
Scattered and Hurried Mother
Smelly and Hellbent Mother
Stay at Home Mother

Though I have been all of the above, today I was sort of close to a stay at home mom. I began the day by feeding my children breakfast, and having them dressed by 8:30. We walked to the gym where they went to the playroom and I worked out (holy squats).

After that we took a little trip to Stew Leonards (a crazy grocery store/petting farm/destination/theme park (simply because there is a singing chaquita banana and poland spring tree)place) in Yonkers, and then came home where the baby had a nap and the toddler watched some television while I cleaned my whole house (apt). I was so happy that my husband forgot his ipod today, because I had a delightful time listening to Ray Charles Genius Loves Company Album (which I TOTALLY forgot I even owned, and was on my husband's ipod) while I scrubbed the toilet, and I was able to completely tune out Sponge Bob, Square Pants.

Upon completion, I washed my hands and prepared a dinner in which I engaged my toddler to help (It's Shake N Bake, and I helped). My husband than waltzed through the door around 5 (which never happens), and we sat down and ate a meal together. It was amazing. We even had time to have a Family Home Evening with all four of us present, and fit in a little Coldstone.

It was like the perfect mothering stay at home summer day. It felt oddly when are my agents gonna call?

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chloe said...

I've had days like that where I don't do any "business" work and I enjoy those days - they're like breathers for me. I can focus on my kids and the house and home projects...and don't think about my business.

But after a day or two I get antsy and its usually time to get back to the workroom!

So glad that you had a nice day with your family. Darbs looks so grown up!