Monday, July 17, 2006

Simple Pleasures

I just got a random phone call from my gal pal Dorothy from Maryland. She was so excited because she spotted me on page 127 of REAL SIMPLE magazine, August issue in my Tide Simple Pleasures Ad. Coincidentally I had just emailed my contact for the Tide job today, to see the status of that job. After a little searching, I was able to find this image at this website.

Wow...they made my eyes very blue.

In other news, I had my first Canal Street experience today. Most people come to NYC and visit Canal Street to get their imitation purse. Today a cute little tote caught my fancy and I bought it. I know Canal street is the place to bargain for better prices, and the little lady selling it made it so easy for me. She approached me and said: "It's 23, but for you 20" I said, "I only have 15 dollars" She said: "I'll take it" Great.

Years ago my friends and I had a stoop sale in our neighborhood. I was selling a guitar. A man approached me with a wad of cash and said: "How much?" I said, "15" He said: "50?" And I said..."no, 15" and then of course in my head I hit myself smack in the forehead and said a brown word: CRAP. So, I am not the best at bargaining.

Back to Canal Street...I am SO not into having the "it" bag, so imitation is fine with me. Maybe I will visit Canal street more often. Why was I near Canal Street you ask? I had a go-see for THE NEST magazine. Looks interesting. I hope the casting director had some imagination as I am far from a newlywed. I walked in with full posse today, and tried to look unharried and glowing with new love...hope she bought it.


Rachel H said...

What bag did you get? I got a fake black quilted Chanel... all the girls at BCBG think it's cheesy -I can tell by their reactions to it when I got back from NYC- but, like you said I am not going to keep the most "IT" bag all the time... so a cute fake is totally for me. Speaking of cute things- just got some super cute faded black skinny jeans at target tonite for $11! yES!

Kage said...

love TARGET. It's prosports, a lesportsac fake....I think.