Friday, July 21, 2006


It's been since Tuesday. No power. I am having computer/blogging/tv/ light/refrigeration withdrawals. I am literally having SO many misadventures and I have no outlet. I finally picked up a pen this morning and wrote long hand....UGH.

Here it is in a nutshell:
~Tuesday went to the Astoria Pool, it reached capacity at 2178 bodies. Say no more.

~Tuesday, Nuvaring callback. Spent all this time memorizing the beautiful Maya Angelou poem, only to be met with a poem about you guessed it.

~Tuesday night lost my for about 8 hours, then reality set in.

~Wednesday, babysitter cancelled at 7 AM. No power. 2 kids. Hot. Cried. Left kids with husband and went to wrangle all day. Had fun. Came home. No power. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...

~Thursday. Had a bad attitude. Hot. Sweating. Realized I had no power for hair dryer. Luckily I realized this in time to have my hair air-dry for the go-see. Went to go-see. Went well. Found out today I booked it- an editorial for Nick Jr. magazine, and as an added bonus, my four-year-old was booked too. And it is for October which is some of my favorite stuff to shoot.

~Thursday. Unexpected surprise, the Shop Etc. folks called me in for a fitting for a Today Show segment. It is airing Tuesday morning at 7 EST. Good news. That night I bought and played Boggle with my DH, as we had little else to entertain ourselves. We don't really own games.

~Friday. That is today. I had to move my car because I cannot get in my power-operated garage, and it was alternate side of the street parking day. I waited until the last second: 9:28 AM and it was at this exact moment the heavens opened and rain like I have literally NEVER seen before, downpoured on my head. And guess what? I had actually gotten my hair dryer to work at half power, and I was nice and dry and beautiful. Not for long. Callback for Homegoods went well was a good story to tell. I will save that for another blog.

~Looking ahead. Tomorrow. Recording the kids voices for the album. Audition. On a Saturday? Are they crazy? Oh well. If church gets canceled because of no power, I am thinking about driving to the Hamptons and checking in to a very expensive hotel with built in electricty. Imagine.

~"They" are saying it won't be fixed until Monday. Yee-ha.

~PS. Using my friends computer to post. Thanks Z.


Corinne said...

I am SO SORRY. I heard about power outages in Queens and I wondered if that would affect you - what a nightmare. Amusing myself in a sweltering hot house is one thing - doing it with kids is another. I hope you get power soon!

Donn Murphy said...

Kristy -
Great to have the update, even if it comes in the middle of your power outtage. I'm sending electrical vibes in your direction., along with my delight in all the interesting news, photo shoots, and especially the very lovely JOSEPH Christmas song!!! Keep smiling, keep singing, and come back to the Helen Hayes Gallery some time?
Donn Murphy
The National Theatre

Kage said...

I hope to be by next Holiday season Donn...thanks for stopping by.

cousin derek said...

I know this is probably a little late, but you should check to see if you can open the garage door manually. Usually there is a little cord that you pull which disengages the motor from the door, allowing you to pull it open or closed.
Being without power is terrible. I feel for you.