Thursday, July 27, 2006

Stars at Bedtime

Stars at Bedtime. Don't get the wrong idea. Ever since January I have had this idea that I wanted to perform for kids at area children's hospitals. I followed a few leads, and with no bights, got frustrated and let it go. Then I walked into an audition about 4 months ago and read a flyer about a tv show at the children's hospital at Mt. Sinai that was looking for performers.

So I rounded up a few friends and tonight we sang in the Mt. Sinai Idol Competition. We each took on a different character and sang songs and competed against each other. We each sang a song in the first round and then kids called in from their hospital beds to vote for who should move onto the next round. After a rousing rendition of SOAK UP THE SUN, I was voted into the second round.

Then it was down to two of us. I sang My Love is Your Love and my friend sang Someone Like You from Jekyll & Hyde. And who was voted the winner? My friend in blue won by about double the points...but I had a sweet little girl in the studio audience who was on my side the whole time.

One of us was the diva, the other was the country girl from Tennessee, and I was ditzy/unpredictable...but my husband says at times I looked like I was just a little off my rocker. We got a tape of our performance, so he was able to check it out. It was really good video quality (not so good with sound as we blasted out the mikes on a few high notes, woops, sorry), and there were 2 cameras, so we would have closeups and 3/4 shots...pretty snazzy. The whole Kidzone was so clean, beautiful and fun. Books, DVD's, Plasma TVS, and this tv studio.

Karen, the girl in charge thought we did great and apparently we got a large number of phonecalls compared to other nights. We were asked to come back again, and I think we will.

It was a nice way to end the evening after a stressful afternoon. I had taken the girls to the park with the waterspray and I got home with wet and tired girls. While I was gone a new door was installed in our building, and I didn't have the key. No big deal, I have the garage door opener, I will just let myself in that way. So I press it, and press it again and again and again and oh just for kicks, once more, and it does not open. I know it's not the power out again...I know that someone (probably the guy installing the door) has gone in and turned off a light switch which gives power to my garage door. So I am sitting in the hot hot sun, very upset, calling my husband and telling him to get a locksmith so that I can get in the house and get ready for Mt. Sinai Idol.

It all got fixed when my super answered my call and went through the neighbors house to their backyard, jumped the fence, opened my landlady's window, went into the garage, turned on the switch, and opened the garage door. I then immediately went upstairs, grabbed my duct tape, and taped that light switch to permanently (I hope) stay in the ON position. Once my landlady got hom, I had words. She tried to have words with me for calling the super and not waiting the (in her words) 10 minutes she had stepped out. Don't worry, I didn't let her get away with that either. I was outside my house 40 minutes minimum...without seeing her once. I am finally a grown up and able to stand my ground, that, and singing for sick kids who just want to feel better one day, is a good feeling.


TftCarrie said...

It is so cool that you guys did this performance. I'm sure the kids loved every second of it

ksl said...

Ok...i was sucking in for that picture, and I STILL look pregos! yikes!
thanks girls for the fun night, even though I got kicked off first. I think its cause i was nice. no one likes nice person in the city. I gotta get tough. As for the burned out mikes on the high note, I bet that was ALL me!

ksl said...

I CAN"T Believe Dwight Shrute Checked you out!
I love that guy and really am addicted to the office. YOu know sometimes i have people "check" me out, but then the talk about how their wife is getting ready to have a baby. maybe he was taking mental notes of what it is to be a mom here. You are cute AND have kids! who knew that could happen!