Monday, July 10, 2006

Summer in the City

Today was a satisfying summer day in NYC, and I didn't have to work out because I lost 3.5 pounds in sweat (only an estimation, did not actually weigh myself). I dropped the older one off at school and then made the bus and subway JUST in time (love that) and made it to my Vicks Vapor Rub Casting just after it had begun. I then treated myself to both a Dr. Pepper and 3, yes 3 butterscotch krimpets. Ok, I gave my baby a few bites. This is rare for me...usually I would go with one or the other, but I worked out 3, yes 3 times last week, so I was allowed

I then stopped by this beautiful boutique called Peanut Butter and Jane and got my sister a sweet little must-have for her baby girl who is arriving in 3, yes 3 months. (Lindsay, don’t click on that link or else you will know what you are getting). Then I was off to find Trader Joes. It has been around Union Square for a while, but I hadn't been yet. I stocked up on my new favorite drink and of course some pirate's booty.

Then I decided to give my little munchkin a break at the playground. I was dreading this because the playground is always so big and high, and she OF COURSE climbs straight to the top and I can't sit back and relax and just watch her. I decided to walk around the Union Square Park on the East side today (instead of my normal west), and I stumbled upon a separate, teeny, tiny playground with only one island of equipment that was not higher than 4 feet high. Hallelujah. A playground just her size. She had fun....I didn't get to relax quite as much as I wanted to, but at least I found this little gem.

After a quick stop at Barnes and Noble to pick up our new summer reading chapter book, The Tale of Despereaux, (thank you Holly for your guest post on Tales), we headed home.

I then finished my book, Devil in the White City, while riding on the subway. This was my first history book, and it was so great. I love Chicago though, and psychopaths, so it was a great match for me…highly recommend it. Oh and I got home to see that my super-hero Mrs. Incredible thigh-high black boots had arrived. October is a cursed month for me, so I am already planning my Halloween costume.

This evening I watched The Closer (of course) and did a few scrapbook pages, then began a new hobby/habit....I call it a HOBBIT with my husband.....crunches. Hopefully I won't be sore tomorrow.


Julie said...

Holy cow, I'm exhausted just reading that! And...good to find someone else who adores The Closer. LOVE that show.

Amber said...

I just linked to your site from Tales from the Crib. A good friend of mine and former New Yorker, Steph Hougaard, told me about it.

I especially liked your expose of what it's really like to live in a NYC apartment. Every time I see a show on TV that has this grandiose NYC loft by folks who have no incame, I have to scoff. It would definitely be tough having a bunch of little ones crammed in there!

Kage said...

welcome amber....glad you stopped by. I know my pots aren't the most commentable...but you gotta start somewhere. Glad you are reading cribs.

Stay tuned for more NYc apartments. I have 3 more in the works....

heather & fiona said...

Hi Kristy!
Loved all the Union Square finds you posted about today. I have not been to most of them and will have to check them all out. I have been to that Barnes and Noble, and it is my fav in the city.

Kage said...

heather...peanut butter and jane SO cute. and if you are hungry and want to go further south (and like REAL peanut butter), go to Peanut Butter & Co. In fact, I think we need to make a playdate and go.

Linzerdoodle said...

Kage...can you believe it...I'm actually only two months away! Can't wait to see what you found at Peanut Butter and Jane! I love your blog.

heather & fiona said...

count us in for a peanut butter playdate!