Saturday, July 22, 2006

Sweet Relief

I, Kristy Glass, pledge to always remember the 5 days that I spent without power. I will remember the smell of HOT stuff in a cramped apartment. I will not soon forget the aroma of fast food on my children's breath. I will "fondly" recall the smell inside my refrigerator this morning when the last ounce of electricity said it's goodbyes. I will have a moment of silence on July 22nd of every year henceforward, in honor of my fax machine/phone finally dying.

I pledge to always appreciate my power and the conedison men and women who work their hardest to provide me with that power. And I expect them to refund me for groceries lost and in my wildest dreams, pain and suffering.

I will never take for granted my computer, television, alarm clock, toaster, refrigerator, microwave, oven, hair dryer, phone or fax machine. I will use each with a new respect for their power source.

Now, can anyone see about restoring my cable? The 4400 is on tomorrow night.

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