Sunday, July 23, 2006

Wet Panties Girl

At the Homegoods callback, there were four of us in the room for a chat. I have been doing a lot of chat auditions lately. This is just a chance for the client to get to know you. It usually means that there are no lines in the commercial, just action or personality shots. The chat consists of you chatting with the casting director, on-camera.

For this particular chat the casting director asked us this question: "What is your favorite movie?" The first lady answered with a hodgepodge of favorite types or genres of movies. Nothing that I can remember, because I probably never heard of any of it. I felt that maybe she didn't have one favorite movie and so she was just making stuff up. The second guy named two distinct titles, one of them being What's Up Doc, which I found interesting knowing what my title was.

The third girl said she loved the Introducing Dorothy Dandridge film because she was a stand-in for Halle Berry. I thought this was a little bit lame. It was obvious that she was gorgeous, she didn't need to tell us that you know? I also thought the question was a little lame, it didn't allow for many memorable answers/moments for the client etc. to remember us by. I knew that by just saying my movie title, no one would remember me, so my answer to the question went a little something like this:

My favorite movie is Funny Girl (Barbra starred in both this and What's Up Doc). I really wish I could watch it right now, but I have no power, and I have not had power since Tuesday. This morning I managed to squeak out some power in my bathroom at 50 percent, and was able to blow-dry my hair in about 30 minutes. I was nice and dry and ready to go, and then I left my house to come here and the skies opened and I was rained upon. I became completely drenched. I got here, STILL wet, and luckily had an extra outfit in my bag, which I am wearing now, and realize is totally innappropriate for this audition, (it was a black cocktail dress-I threw my bright pink shrug over it), but at least I am dry and somewhat presentable, but my panties are wet. Is that too much information? Oh, and did I mention my favorite movie is Funny Girl?

I had most folks laughing, which is the point. And hopefully when they are deciding who to cast, they will refer to me as the "wet panties girl". That was the plan anyway.

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Rachel H said...

That is pretty hilarious. Not being afraid to say something crazy.. that's perfect! You get my vote =).