Monday, August 21, 2006

An Adventure with Parv

Today's adventure was almost not an adventure. My girls woke up at 5:15 AM this morning...a record. Usually the earliest is around 10 minutes to 6. Man were we all cranky about that. In an effort to save my voice, I even bared my teeth at my daughter today (as opposed to yelling) felt very dog-like.

My instinct was to keep my cranky girls quarentined (so that it wouldn't spread), so that they were not being rewarded for their bad/cranky behavior, but alas they thrive on being out, so to save the entire posse, we went out.

We started our day at our favorite playground with our favorite playground friends. Then after a quick siesta, we headed into Manhattan to meet up with a friend of mine visiting from LA. He is shooting an indie film here nights. His calltimes are 10 pm all week-ouch. It was great to catch up with him. He thought I looked skinny, but after 3 hours with the girls I think he understood that being a mommy IS my workout...

We also bumped in to a gal that I did my last two shows with, Marcy Harriell. I actually covered her in two different shows, which is pretty funny because we look nothing alike. It was fun to catch up with her, if only for a few blocks. My friend Parvesh is doing really well in LA, it is so nice to see him succeed at what he loves doing. I also got a sneak peek at his Skittles commercial which is so funny.

I have a callback for an industrial for Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. It's a fun one, more later on that.

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Parvesh said...

You're so wonderfully organized. It was a great day. And yup, you're skinny, Nuva. I'm going to call you Nuva.