Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Don't Hog

Today was difficult for the whole posse. It was back in the saddle again, and we had a few adventures to complete this morning. Nobody wanted to, we all wanted to stay in bed, play with my little ponies or climb as high as we could on the toilet seat, desk or coffee table. Guess which posse member went with which desire...

We eventually made it out the door and we experienced a beautiful and gorgeous breeze that has been absent for TOO LONG. We trekked all the way to Canal Street for the baby's Parenting Magazine Dec. Cover go-see (they ended up photographing all of us...which I knew might happen, so we tried to be cute), and then took a little walk through Soho to the Parent & Child Cover go-see for the big girl and me.

Parent & Child is a publication of Scholastic, so their office buildings have a really great Scholastic bookstore on the ground floor. We took a short ride in a Clifford riding thingy, and then headed into the store. There was an employee sitting towards the center reading a few books for story time. I always love it when I happen upon things like this. I plopped the baby down to see if she might engage, but of course she wouldn't, so the three of us played at the train-station table nearby and listened to the story. Here's where it gets good.

First the set up: A woman with a double stroller (who seemed very friendly) was seated about 4 feet away from the reader, and there was a little boy on the floor on either side of the stroller. A woman came in (late) and with a loud voice and a rude tone commanded the woman with the stroller to move aside so that her daughter could sit down. I gave her a look that said: "Are you kidding me?" I went back to my own kids, and then the fight began. I heard loud voices of a nanny, this mom, and the lady with the double stroller, and I heard things like this: She has two kids, she cannot take them out of the stroller, I was here first, You are blocking the way, My kids can't see, You are Hogging (yes they used the word hogging) the story time space. The man reading to the kids made one nice comment like: "Could you settle this so that the kids can hear the story?", but it continued.

I made one impulse move near the fueding rude mom and nanny to see if I could try to smooth it over, but I decided not to get involved because it was too childish. Then the manager came over and walked right up to the three adults fighting and said something like this: "You are worse then the children. Story time is over." Sweet. I had a smile on my face because it really was one of the most interesting things I had ever seen. I know I make parenting mistakes, but to fight in front of your child like that and essentially get kicked out of the store is a low in parenting.

The best part is that the fighting continued after it was broken up by the manager. I heard: I'm her mother; well I'm a grandma; you are being so rude; etc. I seriously thought it was going to turn physical at one point. My perspective: it was entirely the fault of the rude latecomer mom, and the sad thing is, she probably has no idea. Luckily my kids were unaware of the entire situation, and I wished I could have witnessed it in more detail, but I was trying to be a good mom and pay my kids a little attention. And I was watching them to see if they became aware of what was going on, if they had, I would have moved to a different section of the store of left completely. It certainly got exciting for a minute there.


marian said...

That's a fun store, isn't it? I always wanted to DS there for a story time (for sentimental reasons, being a former Scholastic employee...) but he is STILL not good at story times, a year after we've left NYC. Maybe on a visit back there sometime we'll catch one.

Hope the settling in gets easier! Sounds like you and the crew are pretty busy with work these days.

Anonymous said...


Long time reader, first time responder. I am quite in awe of you and your life. You have done so many wonderful and amazing things. To top it off you have done so with a family. Not many people can accomplish all you have in the ammount of time you have. I have been an admirer of you since high school with your amazing talent and voice. I will never forget your fantastic voice in "Edwin Drood".
Congratulations on all you have done. You should be very proud of yourself and your beautiful family.

Kage said...

MED...whoever you are, of course I am wracking my brain: M-E-D, M-E-D....thanks for reading and the very nice note...if you would like to reveal yourself, just email me!

Anonymous said...


I thought you would...:) Don't try too hard - I'm married now, hence the "d". I dought you would remember me, although we had a few classes together. Plus isn't it nice to have a secret admirer? ;)Anyways, you and the fam are fantastic! I actually think I saw a pict. of you when you were pregnant on the cover of a baby mag. at the doctors office last week - in Denver. Obviously it was an older picture, but nonetheless you are still beautiful.

Jen said...

C-R-A-Z-Y ladies!!! Should the double-stroller woman really have backed down though? It's horrible they were fighting in front of the kids, but if double stroller woman would have caved to loud woman, that wouldn't be a great example either. Tough situation.

I never made the connection between the magazine, the store and Marian's former workplace.... but I LOVE that store!

Kage said...

Yeah, when I was upstairs I asked if they knew Marian, but it is a huge building...seemed like a good environment to work in...if you like Clifford, the Big Red dog.