Friday, August 11, 2006

Good New York Day

Today at playgroup I was trying to be on vocal rest. My friend Katie had my back and was doing some explaining for me to the mom and dad there that were unaware. I was grateful. When the mom found out she said: "Whoa....that must be hard for you, you talk A LOT." I don't know this mom that well, so it was funny to hear blunt honesty from her, and in her uber adorable Peruvian accent, it was quite hilarious. I learned that word uber from my friend I using it correctly?

Nevertheless, she's right, I am a talker. I was talking to someone the other day (I don't remember who), and I was explaining that the good New York days are so good, and the bad New York days are SO bad. I think the question from my friend was, what make the good New York days good? Well, today is a super amazingly stunningly gorgeous New York Day. It is 80 degrees, with a slight breeze, blue skies and sunshine. Everyone is out and in a good mood because of the weather. It's summer. There are saxaphonists, Brit punk band guys, joggers, bike-riders, tourists, the list goes on, walking about, enjoying all the stimulation that comes with being in a city. It's inspiring and energizing and breathing life back into our tired bodies.

The city is saying: don't do laundry today, come out and play. Come see the past, present and future on a single city block. Come hear the music, be the music, dance to the music of my streets. Eat a Mr. Softee cone. Breathe the Central Park air. Bless me with your art, your mind and your talents. Be a part of it...

And so I am going to try to squeeze the laundry in, and then I am going to take my kids by the hand and do just that. We are going to be a part of New York City today, as we are everyday, but with broader smiles, and deeper breaths, and a prayer of gratitude on our hearts for this abundance at our fingertips.


Rachel H said...

Sounds like you are back in the swing of things in NYC! Have a beautiful one!

Corinne said...

The amazing thing, is that I got to be outside in that sunshine today too! Sheely and I spent the morning at American Girl place then just strolled down 5th Ave and had a long breezy rest on the steps of the library. I could not have asked for more perfect weather.