Monday, August 21, 2006


I have a statcounter on my blog so that I can see if anyone is reading it. And one of the features of the stat counter is a "CAME FROM" section. It will show if anyone found the blog through a google search. The typical searches are: Kristy Glass, Glass Posse, Runway Moms Kristy Glass, Expecting Models, Kristy Glass Hair; More rare: Nuvaring timer replacement and babiesrus modeling nj auditions.

One day, there was a search that said: "glass husband."
I told my husband about it, and he obviously thought it was funny enough to share with his colleagues at work. They admitted that they were the ones who had google searched "glass husband", and the following is what happened:

One of his colleagues who follows my career had seen the Just for Fun Husband Chronicles Collage at the bottom of the links page on my website. In an effort to locate it again, he google searched: glass husband. During a short break from work one day, he called a few other guys over to his computer screen (all of who know, (if not work directly FOR) my husband). He posed this question: See this lady here? Which man do you think is her real husband? No one guessed the real husband. And even funnier, no one recognized my husband in any of the photos, even though he is very clearly there. And those who had met me, did not recognize me either.

I found this to be funny, and thought I would share.


Julie said...

Ok, so which is the "real" husband? I'm guessing top left corner.

chloe said...

Yes, he's top left - Hi Jason!

The guy with you in the middle/top where you have on a bluish tank? He looks frisky...

Melissa said...

He does look frisky!
You need a section of wannabe husbands...put Dwight K Shrute on there.

Kage said...

Top left is hubby. If you have a good eye, you will be able to tell that it is not studio lighting and the wardrobe and makeup aren't generic. I have a silver puffy vest on and pink lips.
The guy in the middle was frisky. The whole team that day was swedish, including him, and he helped to translate for me. I would prefer frisky over not though, b/c it is more normal for the guy to initiate affection then the girl...especially when you are posing as a pregnant husband and wife. The guy in upper right is my headshot photographer...I think b/c we had a blond kid on the couch he thought the guy on the bottom left wasn't looking right. The guy on the bottom right I think might have played for the other team and the guy on the bottom center was really cool and nice and we didn't have to do as much cuddling. The tiny one was the jetblue industrial and we basically just had to kiss and hug. that's the low down.