Wednesday, August 16, 2006


2 days in a row I have had a meltdown. 2 a row. Justin Roberts sang it best today on XM Kids radio: "I know that this might sound outrageous, but a meltdown is contageous..."

"She’s havin a meltdown
Didn’t know that she felt down
M, m, m, m, m, meltdown
Yes she’s havin' a meltdown"

And SHE refers to the entire posse. If it's not one than it's the other or the other. Nothing specific is getting me down, just life in general, which means that I have consumed way too many brownies, snickers bars, and for some strange reason, citrus-fruit-themed drinks. Can I get a frozen strawberry lemonade from cosi please?


kates said...

Seriously, I can relate, I was driving home from an orientation in a new hospital today, totally overwhelmed when the song came on the radio, "I had a bad day". And the flood gates burst open! I think it was something about today... you're not alone!

Kage said...

I know I am not alone, just talking to the few people I have, and now posting, I have had so many empathetic thanks everyone!

chloe said...

Was it a full moon the other day? Because between your meltdown and my kids entering a whole new realm of craziness, I think something was happening in the cosmos!