Thursday, August 17, 2006

New York Aquarium: Rated R

It's very possible that my friend and I were just in a perverted mood (or maybe just she was, because she seemed to find all the signs, oh yeah that's just being literate), but our trip to the aquarium was sort of rated R.

Thanks to the giant walrus, my daughter knows all about the difference between the male and female anatomy. And I know a little more information then I needed on the slippery dick fish. Check out these signs that were posted at the aquarium. Seriously?

I thought this photo of a jellyfish turned out pretty cool. I love how my darling baby made friends with the seal. The walrus tank across the room was getting a lot of attention and so I just planted her at that corner, and after a while the seal started coming over to her and that prompted more kids to gather. If only I had photoshop, I could delete that little boy standing in between the baby and her seal friend. I think she might be a SEAL WHISPERER.

In one shot you'll see I tried to capture the tiniest star fish I have ever seen, but my focus was a little soft. Oh well, you can still see how small it is compared to a four-year-old's hand. It was our first time to the New York Aquarium, and our first time to Coney Island. We had to stop for a corn dog at Nathan's, it was the greasiest I have ever had, but they had great lemonade. It was a fun day out enjoying New York together, even if we did get a little TMI for our own good.


Natasha said...

I guess that is what happens when you take a 4 month old to the Aquarium, you end up reading all the sign-age!

chloe said...

Send the seal pic to me, I'll photoshop the boy out!

Great pics btw