Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Today I had an interesting callback for Wynn Hotels in Las Vegas. They are designing some giant 26-foot electronic billboard thing coming out of a fountain (or something like that), and it is going to feature faces lipsyncing to "Oh Yeah" by Yello (from Ferris Beuller's movie), or something like that. The original audition had us lipsyncing to the best of our abilities while not moving any part of our bodies but our faces. No, we could not even move our necks or heads.

Today was the callback. About 7 of us met at the Cheyenne Diner on 33rd and 9th Ave and got in a van to take a field trip to New Jersey. There they had this 6 foot tall, 3-dimensional head in a studio, and a chair that resembled one I have seen at the dentist. I sat on the chair with my head and neck against the head and neck holders, and they projected my face onto this giant face right next to me, and watched me lip sync the entire song. I was encouraged to be over the top and wildly expressive and crazy silly. I had to dig deep down for that.

Anyway, it was the weirdest audition I have had to date, and now I am really looking forward to seeing the finished product next time I am in Vegas. Ha ha. But seriously, if I do book it, I might just have to take a quick weekend trip out there to check it out.

Today I also opened a Coogan account for my daughter at the Actors Fund on 46th St. She had her first acting job a few months back and it is the law that 15% of a child's earnings have to go into this specific trust. I cannot believe I have a daughter, that she is an "actor" and that she has a special trust fund to put her money into. When did I lose control?

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