Monday, August 07, 2006


I got a nice little check in the mail on Saturday from Con Edison for $350.00. I am glad I went for it, and did not get discouraged by the ridiculous parameters they were putting around getting reimbursement for losses incurred. I have to say getting that check made me in a more forgiving mood. They even included a thank you note in both Spanish and English.

I am still really struggling with jetlag. No matter how much sleep I get, I feel exhausted. It is kind of irritating.

I must sallyforth however, because this is the crunch month for finishing the album. I have to finish all the vocals, start the mixing and send it to mastering. The excitement is building, and I MUST deliver.

I will be recording this morning and then jog on over to a root canal. Yup, my third one in my short life. I am kind of irritated at my teeth right now too....they are TOTALLY letting me down. At least it was not discovered because of pain, inflammation or an abscess. It was discovered through an x-ray...oh look, your tooth is dead. Yeah raw.

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