Monday, August 07, 2006

Root Canal Shmoot Canal

Every time I go to the dentist here in NYC, the dentist makes a little fun of me because my chart is full of records: x-rays, photos and notes gallore. It is because I have had a lot of dental work done, and because my dentist up to this point in my life was my Dad, and he kept good track of my dental health

I am totally fine with being made fun of. And today I was even MORE fine with it, because as I lay in the dental chair awaiting my root canal fate, the endodontist decided to take a little poke around at my chart. He discovered a nice panoramic x-ray of my whole mouth from 1996 and 2002. He compared the 2006 x-rays of the root(s) in question to the 1996 x-rays, and discovered that the present blackish spot that was indicating a dead tooth, had been there for at least 10 years, and that a root canal was not necessarily necessary at this point in time.

Yeah. I will take that opinion and run to Lexington and 59th Street thank YOU. So, I was let off the hook, and I had a little time to go shopping. I have a new strategy. Since I am always told to be nice casual, casual, young mom or new york hip edgy cool but ________, I have decided to be very deliberate in trying to update my wardrobe each season. I bought the September LUCKY magazine and tore out a few looks that I want to achieve. I cut them out and stapled them together and now I will carry this little lookbook around in my purse, so that I can refer to it, and stay on task when shopping. Staying on task is hard. I got two pieces today, and I am hoping they fit into my plan. Time (and more shopping) will tell.

In recording news, this morning I got 2 full tracks done, fixed one that was bothering me, and got started on the beast: O HOLY NIGHT. O HOLY......hard song.


Corinne said...

As the humble recipient of two root canals, can I say that you had a dental miracle? Yay Kristy!

chloe said...

I had a root canal and YOU, my friend, were blessed today by the tooth gods. Wow. So lucky.

And O Holy Night is the beast I am looking forward to most on your album. I know that you'll do it proud.