Thursday, August 17, 2006

Walmart Baby and You

It's here. After many trips to the local Walmart (45 minutes away on the GCP), and no success at finding this magazine, I ended up getting a copy mailed to me. That was a nice (and rare) gesture on the part of American Baby. It isn't often you get your tears sent to you, usually it's a lot of paging through magazines at Universal News.

Anyway, it turned out sweet, and is a nice memory of the long lost baby that I used to have...this is her at 11 months, and a very wiggly 11 months at that. I was sore after this shoot from trying to hold her tight to me. You can see her hand is trying to pry herself loose. I decided we look alike in this photo, but more when I am looking at it upside down then right side up, something about the eye shape.

Yesterday I finally finished the Nuvaring campaign. It was a day of still photography for the point-of-purchase and brochure stuff. It will all be launched in a matter of weeks, so it will be exciting to see it get off the ground. I am told the commercial will be airing on all channels and all time slots, and the client named Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy and LOST as 3 shows that will air the that's exciting. When the Playtex Beyond commercial ran, the most exciting airing was during My Name is Earl!
That's the news from go take a picture of your baby and you.

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Rachel H said...

Is that your baby kage? You look great! What fun!