Friday, August 25, 2006

The Way We Live Part IV

In The Way We Live Part 4, we feature my spacious and giant apartment. The first few photos were taken for this photo essay, the rest I just dug up from past albums, and I am not necessarily proud of their composition, focus and subject matter.

Our first experiment with paint was with our red dining area. After two coats, we tried to convince ourselves that the job was done, but it really needed one more, so we put the tape back up, put the drop cloths down and painted one more coat. It was perfect. Then hurricane season came and created a lot of bubbling, and my third boob. After some rehabilitation, our wall is back to normal, almost. The corner that we fixed could still use one more coat of paint! The dining set was our first purchase as newylweds nearly 8 years ago. I am anxious to replace it with some vintage diner furniture.

We then decided to paint our family room/main living area. We chose a gold color that matched the golden yellow in our Blue Dog and CHICAGO: The Vacation City Prints. It turned out so nice, accept then we sat down to admire our job well done and realized that the juxtaposition of our dining area and family room reminded us of the Golden Arches of McDonalds...sigh...oh well.

I love my rug in this room and my clavanova...I don't play it enough, but it is so nice to know that it is there for my piano playing whims.

The third painting job was that of our girls' room. Our DD requested blue, so I tried to find a bright, cheery, girly blue, and it turned out so well. The only negative is that sometimes when I photograph them in their room, their skin has a blue hue to it.

The other two pix are of my kitchen, I don't know if you can see anything, but it has lots of white cabinets on either side, and stainless steel appliances. We also have a garbage disposal, which is a bit of a rarity because the ban on garbage disposals in NYC was lifted only 9 years ago.

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