Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Yes, this is New York...City

Remember that gorgeous and beautiful day the other day? I found this gorgeous and beautiful butterfly to go with it, right on the southeast corner of central park. Hello beautiful monarch.

Totally random thought: Just had a craving for that LOST whooshing theme and then the drum beat at the end of each episode.

16 months ago today, I pushed a baby out...glad that's over.


Amber said...

Beautiful shot! I so remember how gorgeous Central Park was this time of year.

scrapcat said...

I love NYC! Grew up on Long island :)

BTW, this is Cathy aka scrapcat aka cayla73. I think you commented on my blog (papercat/mothercat) a few days ago??

Have a great day!

Kage said...

yes, love your pages and your daughter is such a great subject...I think mine is around her age.....fascinating aren't they?